What We Do

At Commonwealth Productions, our capabilities and creativity are limited only by what you want to do.   As a full-service production studio, Commonwealth Production develops, creates, and executes projects from beginning to end. This gives us the unique ability to maintain creative integrity through all aspects of pre-production, production, and post-production. Commonwealth Productions serves a variety of media needs from short-form commercials to network television and digital media. Our team of producers, videographers, video editors, designers, animators, and photographers are passionate about the work we do. We use today's most advanced digital cameras and edit suites to achieve our goals for your project. We pride ourselves on our creative integrity, smart producing, lots of passion and ultimately, great work. We are ambitious and want to make the best work possible while producing final products fast enough to give our clients a competitive advantage.


Our skilled video production team can manage everything from high-end TV commercials, TV shows, brand identity pieces, and digital media.  We can manage every aspect of a project’s production from development, production, and post-production through to final delivery.



We offer close range aerial photo and video services using remote controlled helicopters. The unmatched maneuverability of our remote-controlled unmanned aerial vehicles enable our pilots to fly above, through, and around nature or buildings at varying speed and altitudes to provide stirring, first-person perspectives from every angle.  



Our team of video editors, motion designers, animators and post-productions specialist produce a unified creative vision across all aspects of the job.  Our editors, designers, and animators are outfitted with Adobe Creative Suite (Premiere, After Effects, Photoshop, Illustrator, Flash) and other specialized software tools for specific applications.



We have a diverse roster of camera crews.  Our crews have a background in broadcast television, documentary programming, commercial advertising, photography, and corporate videos.  This diversity allows Commonwealth Productions to select the ideal crew for each job based on that job’s objectives.



Our team produces a range of photographic services. Our talented photographers use advanced techniques, equipment, software, and trained eyes for detail that produce world-class images.  We organize and manage your photo shoots for ad campaigns, catalogs and editorials, in studio or on location.



We offer comprehensive creative design solutions with your company’s image in mind. Whether you are interested in catalogs, marketing brochures, newsletters, or point-of-purchase designs, our professional and skilled graphic design group is here to create your vision.  We pride ourselves on the ability to work closely with our customers and produce the perfect layout, color palette, and design elements that bring your concept to life.